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Repairs & Replacements 

An integral part of Complete Roofing’s service is to offer building and repairs of flat roofs in Swindon. With several years of experience dealing with both installation jobs, in addition to roofing repair work and upkeep of weathered or damaged felt flat roofs – we can assist with any problem.

Millions of pounds a year are spent on the refurbishment of flat roof – from merely patching, re-coating/ re-covering through to the more thorough stripping off and replacement of the whole roof.

In addition to leaks, flat roofing systems, especially domestic scale wood roofs, are notoriously subject to the results of condensation. A proper understanding of the link between thermal performance, air leakage and condensation is necessary to the successful design of a flat roofing system.

In the case of a flat roofing, damp warm air increases from the room below into the roofing fabric where it runs the risk of condensing on the underside of the roofing decking/ waterproof membrane. Part of the successful design of a flat roofing system is in preventing such a condition from occurring.

We cover all types of flat roof work

  • New flat roofs
  • Re-roofs
  • Re-boarding 
  • Flat roof repairs
  • Insulated decking
  • Flat roof conversions

What Are The Advantages Of Flat Roofing?

Flat roofing uses many advantages over the pitched style that’s more typical in Swindon. Consumers looking for a flat roof can be positive that their finished product will be more energy effective – keeping the heat in the colder months– as well as being much easier to keep and more environmentally friendly. A lot of the flat roof jobs we do are more simple than you might expect, and we’ll do the job in double-quick time and be on our way to let you enjoy the completed product.

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Signs Your Flat Roof Requires Repair work?

There are some typical signs to look for if you might require flat roof repair or replacement. These may not always be apparent initially, so inspecting your existing flat roofing now and then is certainly a rewarding job.

Puddles forming – If water is gathered in puddles after a spout of rain it is a clear indication that your flat roofing is beginning to droop. This can be triggered by fractures that have formed or by an inadequately set up flat roofing system.

Leaks – This is an obvious indication that something is wrong. If you see pools of water on your flat roofing structure it is a sure sign of leakage. Getting your roofing system fixed as rapidly as possible is non-negotiable. Leaving a leakage too long can suggest repair work will not be sufficient and a full replacement may be needed.

Moss or other growths – If you see moss on your flat roofing system you may believe it is safe. Moss can trigger substantial damage. Seeing moss might also be triggered by a non-visible area where water retention can not be seen.

There are other factors and above this which might suggest your flat roof requires roof repair work but above are the most common.

What Is The Longest-Lasting Flat Roof Material?

Despite all flat roofing materials have an excellent lifespan considering the constant changing of the weather and temperatures, EPDM rubber roofs, if well maintained, can last for an impressive 50 years. It is also a very versatile roofing material and can be used on a variety of different roof types from dormers to conservatories.

Despite the variable weather, the work was done professionally with reassurance regarding their progress throughout. Excellent communication.

Mr Weber

Layton came to quote us on replacing our old garage flat roof. He arrived on time and was friendly and very helpful. Due to some mix ups at another job, he was able to fit us in the next day. He and his team, arrived to do the job when they said they would and got to work very quickly. They cleaned up the mess after finishing and left the area very tidy. Top quality work. Would happily recommend them to anyone else.

Matt Fogin

Happy with almost everything: we had an old worn out garage roof, now we have a nice new one. Work carried out promptly and quickly; noise limited to what was necessary. It might have kept neighbours happy if the old roof was damped first to prevent dust rising after months of dry weather.

Phil Deaves